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High-Performance Power Supplies and Battery Cyclers -

Anderson Electric Controls, Inc. builds flexible high performance power supplies and battery cyclers that are designed to tackle the challenges found in battery, automotive, aerospace, and renewable energies applications.

Why choose AC2000P?
  • A wide variety of standard features:
    • Ease-of-use - AC2000P power supplies are designed to be simple without compromising on features or performance - our philosophy is that the power supply shouldn't get in the way of your test!
    • Profile mode - Allows the power supply to run a user-defined test sequence. Profile mode is easy to use and doesn't require learning a proprietary script language. Profiles use a standard file format and can be easily shared and edited offline, making it that much easier to duplicate prior test results.
    • Integration with Battery Management Systems (BMS) for battery test applications
    • Integration with Environmental Chambers
    • Built-in touchscreen for local control - allows an operator to get up and running quickly with simple, easy to use screens for power supply control.
    • Remote control drivers available to integrate AC2000P power supplies into your own custom application for test automation
    • World-class accuracy - the AC2000P product line has been redesigned to deliver high accuracy voltage, current, and power measurements. Measurement accuracy down to 0.025% is now available.
  • Multiple simulation packages available:
    • Battery simulation
    • Solar panel simulation
    • Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation
  • Full integration with AEC dynamometers available
  • High performance:
    • Designed for transient applications including EV/HEV dynamometer testing
    • Stiff DC source even under large step loads
    • Fiber-optic interface available for high performance digital remote control
  • Single and Dual-Channel options available
  • One product range for all of your testing needs:
    • Standard AC2000P models are available with the following ratings:
      • 600, 1000, 1200, or 2000 VDC
      • 600, 1250, 2500, 5000, or 10,000 ADC
    • The same software tools and remote control drivers can be used across the entire product line

                        AC2660P (660kW) Power Supply shown above

Our standard product line is shown below (custom power levels available at customer request):
36 kW (AC2036P)

200 kW (AC2200P)

250 kW (AC2250P)

350 kW (AC2350P)

500 kW (AC2500P)

600 kW (AC2600P)

660 kW (AC2660P)

1.32 MW (AC21320P)

2.64 MW (AC22640P)

Simulation Options:

Solar (PV array) Simulation
Battery Simulation
Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation

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